Hello, I'm Marc

I'm a scientist and designer and I love writing & making things for the internet. I'm the founder, editor, and publisher of Hackerpreneur, a weekly newsletter and monthly magazine for the punks and mavericks who still believe they can change the world. I think of it as an operating system for the distributed economics of the internet. One reader describes it as "a young Wired".

In the age of owned platforms and digital sharecropping, I'm bullish on the persistence of unowned protocols like email (the original social network). I built Letterlist, to help you discover and subscribe to the world's best email newsletters.

Right now, I'm writing The Tiny Product Manual where I share my approach to creating and shipping products by focusing on the atomic idea. Since it's not quite ready, you can save 50% off when you preorder using the code PREORDER.

I write about technology, SaaS, and marketing

What I'm doing now

Nice things people have said about me

"I love the way you talk to your peeps."- Andre Chaperon
"You seriously impress me more and more!!"- Noah Kagan
"You're a brilliant product manager."- Jason Calacanis
"...fits Seth Godin's sage advice to "be remarkable" to a tee."- Don Hill


updated 2017-03-28