Hi, Marc here.

I'm the founder, editor, and publisher of Hackerpreneur, a weekly newsletter and digital magazine for the punks and mavericks who are building the future. I think of it as an operating system for the distributed economics of the internet. One reader said it was "like a young Wired".

In the age of owned platforms and digital sharecropping, I'm bullish on the persistence of unowned protocols like email (the original social network). I built Letterlist, to help you discover and subscribe to the world's best email newsletters.

Right now, I'm writing The Tiny Product Manual where I share my approach to creating and shipping products by focusing on the atomic idea. Since it's not quite ready, you can save 50% off when you preorder using the code PREORDER.

I write about technology, SaaS, and marketing

What I'm doing now

Nice things people have said about me

"I love the way you talk to your peeps."- Andre Chaperon
"You're a brilliant product manager."- Jason Calacanis
"...fits Seth Godin's sage advice to "be remarkable" to a tee."- Don Hill


updated 2018-05-26